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if you’ve been EQC’d or Fletcher’d then you have every reason to be worried because they have stuffed up big time and they know it

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proclaims takes care of the whole process

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Get the experts on your side

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Don't let eqc's negligance cause you any more suffering

What others have said

We have worked with the team at Proclaims on the claims for two of our homes. For the past few years Hoani and Chris have supported and guided us through the mire of bureaucracy, from EQC to the insurance company via endless reports and expert opinions. Hoani’s depth of knowledge of all the relevant laws and rules is without equal. We believe that without putting our homes into Proclaims hands, we would never have had the successful outcomes that have been achieved.

We would unequivocally recommend their services.
— Steve and Nicky Geddes
Almost 6 years after the quakes and numerous offers by EQC and our insurer to settle, we spoke to Chris about our concerns with the process to date, and made the decision to finally engage ProClaims Management to advise on options and the best strategy to ensure our eventual settlement was in line with the full entitlement under our policy.

Throughout the journey, Hoani kept us fully informed with regular meetings, and provided great advise resulting in an eventual settlement 150% more than the original offer by our insurer.

I’d fully recommend the team at ProClaims to anybody frustrated with their dealing with EQC or their insurer.
— Phil Holt
My decision to engage Proclaims has meant I can get on with my life, the stress has gone, and I know my claim is in the best hands.
Finance was available, they have a very precise plan of attack and their communication is excellent.
If you are having trouble or concerns with your EQC claim, make that phone call. My first phone call has changed my life. The team at Proclaims really know what they are doing.
I can’t recommend them enough. Make that call for their no obligation first meeting.
— Mark Elley
Our decision to engage Proclaims to advocate for us regarding our earthquake insurance claims was the best thing we did during the whole mad post-earthquake saga. Chris and Hoani took the emotion out and allowed us to rediscover normality, reconnect with our friends, children, grandchildren and community, get on with our careers and most importantly retain our sanity. Prior to engaging Proclaims we were Alices trying to make sense of EQC and then Southern Response’s wonderland. Chris and Hoani’s knowledge and experience shone through as they stood, paragons of sanity, as we progressed inch by inch through the mad hatter’s tea party towards a realistic settlement. I fear that without Proclaims we would still be in search for the Cheshire Cat while arguing the toss with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee over the March Hare’s crazy repair strategies while trying to negotiate with the Queen of Hearts.

Thank you very much guys you did us proud.
— Dave and Karen Marra


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